10 relationship mistakes

10 mistakes in relationships - 10 greseli in relatiisubject: a few situations/mistakes widely seen in relationships
category: men and women who choose to be trapped in dysfunctional relationships
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Many relationships could be considerably more harmonious if some behaviors would simply be avoided and the arguments would be less frequent or completely eradicated. To my surprise, I’ve met people who said they like having an argument from time to time, otherwise they would get bored in a relationship that plays out smoothly. Well, I wouldn’t get bored in a relationship without any arguments; actually I would be willing to build a statue as a sign of gratitude.

Women’s 10 mistakes  

1. They feel like controlling everything. You can find this on mothers who think they know everything for their kids, or the older sister who feels like having the higher authority over her little brother and everything she says, he will have to perform. In a relationship, she must always know where he’s at, what’s he doing, how long until he gets back home, why isn’t he doing something else, she’s counting his beers and she puts a cap on how much more he’s allowed to drink.

2. She stars an apocalyptic state whenever he goes out drinking with the guys, instead of staying home with her. This situation is omnipresent and it’s always meticulously wrapped with billions of excuses and reasons why her negative reaction is justified. Unfortunately, this is a very detrimental state of being and usually reveals that she’s got no female friends to go out with.

3. They are revengeful. Depending on her temperament or even her sign, you’ve got a great chance of finding yourself paying in full for a simple human mistake, for which you’ve already apologized countless of times. You can also pay for non-existing, imaginary mistakes but which she considers to be the end of the world.

4. They always have a good excuse for absolutely everything they’re doing. If she’s made a mistake, it’s simple: it’s your fault she did that! If you didn’t do whatever thing, she wouldn’t have made that mistake in the first place. There is also an incredible amount of explanations that should rationalize her mistakes, always justified and which gets her into the victim situation – in need of immediate attention. As usual, the man has to eventually apologize, again…

5. They want to change the man based on their preferences. Conscious or not, they often succeed in changing their man as they please; thereafter she’s no longer satisfied because he’s not the man she fell in love with. He’s too week, no character or he’s just boring for doing everything she wants.

6. They want you to guess their thoughts, but not all of them, just what she would like from you know. For example, they want you to know what they like, how they like it, what they really want to say or do. So she expects you to invade her cerebral aura, find out what she wants to communicate, but then go no further into her private thoughts, where no one is allowed.

7. They argue for no apparent reason. You can wake up having an argument because of the kitchen towel, the dust on your shoes or simply because you forgot to by a knob, like she asked you to do. I honestly believe that some women occasionally need to have an argument, just like having a drug they would need for getting back to normal.

8. They put on weight, especially after getting married or having a child. Many women get fat just because they don’t take good care of themselves. Even though aging plays an important role, with a little effort and discipline, they can stay slim forever. The lack of initiative for physical exercising gets blamed on financial problems (as if you would need to be rich for jogging in the morning), not having enough free time and of course – the body condition that prevents her from losing weight.

9. They are very possessive. This idea can be subscribed to point #2, being just a ramification of that. Some women simply suffocate their partner with possessiveness, but will never admit doing that and they will always find a justification for this childish behavior. Unfortunately, one of the surest ways to destroy a relationship is by being smothering and possessive. In the end, it’s checkmate…

10. Sometimes they have no logic at all. For reasons still unclear, but perhaps explainable eventually, sometimes their actions are completely illogical. They scream, make bizarre gestures and they take unexplainable decisions, etc. This could probably be caused by a desperate need for attention, just like a child who wants to be hugged. But at the end, they all deserve to be loved and appreciated, especially by those who have the necessary patience for doing that.

Men’s 10 mistakes

1. They don’t know how to listen. Most men believe that when their partner cries on their shoulder, they have to give advices. NO! They need to let her speak and listen attentively, without giving unwanted advices and trying to see the situation through her point of view. Advices are useful only when they are being asked for.

2. They are not paying any attention to details. Some extremely discreet gestures can create heavenly states of being, and men’s lack of attention can easily cause grief in her soul. A favorite flower offered incognito, a tender gesture that she likes, a certain abject, any detail that reaches her soul must absolutely be memorized an applied when the timing is right. The results are magnificent.

3. Some men repress their sexuality. A man without libido or like a sex porcelain trinket will not exert too much attraction. But this doesn’t mean he has to be on the opposite side, like a sex maniac, but the reason why women are more attracted to the “bad guys” is because they are not trying to be teddy bears and they don’t apologize for being men.

4. They’re trying too hard to prove their masculinity. This is how they can be hilarious or even obnoxious while behaving like baboons, in a desperate attempt to prove they’re the ones who make the world go round, they create gravity and basically, they are the Creator in person.

5. They are very lazy. Many arguments are being started due to the lack of activity of the male bumble bee. And let’s not talk about the filth and chaos they create in their own house. It’s true, this doesn’t apply to all, but housekeeping is something that needs to be improved when ti comes to the five-legged creatures.

6. They enjoy being in a tight leash and choose to frequently ignore their friends. Most men deny being under her command and continuously having to ask for her permission and execute accordingly. That kind of man becomes like a kindergarten child who asks his mother’s for permission to go outside and play. Even worse, they ignore their friends and then are shocked to find themselves marginalized.

7. They are possessive. Actually, this phenomenon applies equally to both sexes, even though this idea could create endless debates. The facts speak for themselves: possessiveness exists and it’s unimaginably toxic!

8. Some men become violent. Although there are among us women who will continuously test your patience, I simply cannot see anything special in a man who physically abuses his woman. Surprisingly, some women consider this kind of treatment to be natural and accept it.

9. Childish pigheadedness. Sometimes we face that situation where the man insists of taking care himself of all the existing problems, regardless if he’s qualified for that or not. For example, instead of calling for an electrician, he starts doing sparkling experiments in the house.

10. They stop caring about their health and thus get fat. I know this is a very sensitive subject and can easily hurt your feelings, but it’s a real situation that keeps repeating itself and can have detrimental effects all around. With exception of those situations where we have a medical problem that directly impacts our weight, everything else is just our responsibility to take good care of ourselves, both mentally and physically.

I know it might look like I’ve generalized these situations for everybody, but that was not my intention! I only underlined SOME mistakes that are often seen in relationships, but they don’t apply to everyone.

There are also many wonderful relationships where people are unfamiliar with the above descriptions, but we can’t deny the existing of these problems in SOME relationships. It’s a fact that with a simple change in attitude, we could simply avoid having these kinds of relationships hazards.

What do you think?

Author: cristi

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  1. Every person (man or woman) has strengths and weaknesses, but important in a relationship is to find those qualities (to the partner / boyfriend / husband / friend) that you lack. It is a personal opinion…
    ” English is not my first language, so if you spot any translation mistakes” I apologize. 🙂

    • And most importantly, that partner must find the same things in you, otherwise it’s just a one-way attempt of creating a relationship. 🙂

      • of course 😉



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