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answer-from-the-universeThis article is a sequel of “letter to the universe”. I recommend reading that article first, to make more sense of the current writings.

Dear Cristi and more importantly, dear reader,
I have carefully read your letter and I congratulate you for the ever increasing trust you attribute me, while avoiding much of the surrounding noise and also progressing with reasonable speed towards self rediscovery. Just as a simple reminder of how time works, I can underline that while I’m writing this letter you are already reading it, and in the same time I am watching you writing the first letter which got to me before you even wrote it.

I am pleasantly surprised to see you spent some time alone, contemplating, accepting all that is and then releasing any desire or expectation, while also completely detaching of the monetary idea and simply emptying your mind. I hope this initiative of yours would be frequently repeated, because sometimes we take the long way around while communicating, especially when I talk and you’re not listening. Your physical costume, together with what you call personality, are the masks which prevent you from being you, but I’m glad you sometimes choose to take the mask off and to enjoy the progressive ecstasy of the surrounding energy.

Surely this theater play in physical form carries with it, according to mass consciousness choices, a series of apparently limiting filters, which harmonize elegantly with the blue planet’s “rules”. I am excited that some of the people on your planet have discovered that what most refer to as LAWS, are mere rules created by some, while always having the free will to obey by them or not.

Furthermore, I recognize that a few people have stopped eating food and still manage to live a normal life. They are also not drinking anything, not sleeping, not getting old and gracefully defy the flexible rules of the game, also changing energy in different materials, they don’t always accept the gravity theory, who heal themselves miraculously, etc. Maybe you can learn something from their examples, before rushing in denial without any documentation, while also choosing not to view them as god-like characters from “holy” books. All they are doing is to sing the infinity’s sound, the vibration that defines you but which you have stubbornly chosen to ignore, reaching the point now where you actually believe you could ever possibly be disconnected from infinite live energy, by saying you are alone and nobody loves you.

I can now feel the positive energy reflected by you knowing, undoubtedly, that you are always connected to me, to your ancestors and future relatives, with the leaves, air, water, everything around you. You can relate to a cell in an organism. All the cells create the body and the body creates contains all the cells. They can’t exist one without the other, they are all connected and every cell contains the whole creational information.

I’m glad that you, along with many other people, have stopped believing the fairy tales written in books which are supposedly “holly”, which not only have a huge number of contradictory terms, but also written by a few men who projected human attributes to the whole Creation, instead of doing the other way around.

It’s always a pleasure assisting you in your day-to-day activities, which you value so much, forgetting sometimes that life itself is the supreme and infinite energy, which is now manifesting in your experience by being a man with a lot of things to do, exams, stress, job, crazy boss, paycheck, traffic jams, mortgage, the evening chaotic news – all these seem very real and important to you.

I hope you know how much I love you, how much I adore what you are and the way you have chosen to express yourself here, in this physical form, where you meticulously build a complex web of events for having an experience with them, which is actually the only real thing in this physical mirage.

We are here together, watching both of us while you’re writing this response to your first letter, while communicating with your higher self and all that is.

We are also watching together a few other extensions of your higher self, in different dimensions. You are in many places at once, just like everybody else. The entire angelic family loves you just as much as you love them back and they are sending you all the positive energy you are experience.

Stop the self-sabotage by rationalizing to death all the events you experience; the energy you put in them will always reflect back to you, even if it’s negativism, suffering or fear, don’t you get it? You can learn a few things from those who follow their passions unquestionably. It just happens that those people live a fantastic life and not only do they accomplish a lot of things and are opened to self communication, but they definitely do not experience a life of tiring routine – slow death of the soul’s fire.

Keep in mind that many other civilizations are fascinated by this earthly game and they are all inspired by the level of human self-limitations and the ongoing road of overcoming them. They are ready to help you anytime, all you need is to open up to that possibility, just like many are already doing so.

I wish nothing but the best for you and I wait to passionately help you with new physical endeavors, to surrender to the ecstatic existence of which we are all part of. All you need is to rediscover yourself and to keep this communication opened, without seeing as gods those who can bend the optional limits of physical reality.

You are infinite, eternal, unconditional love and pure energy, with a physical extension. You can also see this energy with the use of technology, but you don’t really need technical excuses to accept that you are infinite.

I’m always here holding you, never doubt that! We are together for eternity and nothing can separate us., except the experience of thinking we could ever be disconnected, created by you in moments of personal distress. I love you with every particle of energy and I send you unconditional love and awareness in finding yourself.

PS: don’t worry, the concept of “sin” was invented by humans. Once you transition from physical form to spiritual energy (again), you will remember that there is no judgment, there is no negativity, no heaven or hell. It’s just Home, the most magnificent place you will ever remember. Live fully lovingly and build your life around passion, regardless where it would take you, because it is the best way of seeing the light in you.

With unconditional love,
the universe

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