are you superstitious?

are you superstitious - esti superstitiosmain subject: how much is your life being influenced by superstitions?
reader’s category: anybody who believes in superstitions and submits to their rules
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I notice a constant mist of uncertainty which covers many of us, just like the pollution blanket covers graciously my home town. That uncertainty is about superstitions, sometimes credible, other times not so much.

There is no such thing as your lucky necklace. There is no such thing as your lucky pants, your lucky jacket, jour lucky car, lucky pen. There is no such thing as the coin which if you find it on the street and take it with you, it should bring you luck. There is no such thing as a need for sacrificing animals for prosperity.

The bouquet you just caught at that wedding will not decide whether or not you will get married soon. There is no such thing as wearing a T-short the other way around and having bad luck because of that. There is no such thing as a black cat which will bring you unfortunate events if you see it crossing your way. There is no such thing as a champagne bottle who will decide the ship’s fate, according to whether or not it breaks before its launch.

If you step on a kid’s toes, he will not stop growing. If you knock on wood three times, you will not awaken any protective spirit who will make sure no harm will get you. That will only give you peace of mind that you did your job to knock on wood and everything will be all right.There is no such thing as ladder which will bring you bad luck if you cross beneath it.

There are only simple objects, neutral, to which we project different uses or states of being and this is what’s helping us or not. If you are afraid that one particular object could bring you bad luck, most of the times you could be right, but only because of your inner state, not because of the object itself. To base your faith on some objects shows how little responsibility for your life you are willing to accept.

Your beliefs are shaping your reality. Some people say that what you are afraid of, will usually happen. Why is that? Because when you stress about something and keep rejecting it, all you’re really doing is to invest a lot of time and energy in that feeling, which will amplify it.

If you are very possessive and jealous, you stand a pretty good chance to lose your spouse. And many times you will actually do what you were afraid he/she might do to you. I guarantee you the devil is not stalking us and when he sees a certain combination of numbers he does not say: “Aha, I will now force this person to an inferno, where I will punish him for all eternity.” This kind of thinking is childish, to say the least.

If you are convinced a prayer could make you feel better, it’s quite possible to be true, but only because of the inner state you choose to have while reciting that prayer. If you carry with you that “lucky coin” and experience positive situations, it’s not really because of that object which you think brings you luck, it’s actually you who’s creating that positive experience, as a reflection of the state of being you choose to have.

For someone else, that coin is a worthless piece of metal. It does not bring them any kind of luck or bad things, it’s makes no difference in their life. It’s becoming tiring to see people who choose to put their faith in all kinds of objects or mystical things. I see that as a cheap excuse for not having the courage to accept responsibility and to move out of the comfort zone. All of which are topped by continuous indoctrination received from various ways, especially from the so-called “traditions”.

Stop being afraid of all these artificially created things, inherited from one generation to the other. I chose March 13 as a launch day for this website because I love number 13, especially the inner feeling I get from thinking about it and I can’t even remember last time I had back on any day of 13. Except one, when I was a child and I accidently broke my bike’s handlebar, which was a lifetime ago. From that point on I decided 13 would be a positive day for me.

It seems that superstitions can work both-ways:
a) negative way: if they scare you, or prevent you from thinking and manifesting freely, thus keeping you trapped and limited;

b) positive way: if you treat them in a constructive way and use them to improve your state of being. If you really feel lucky wearing that hat, than keep wearing it and you will experience luck, but your inner feelings will bring you that luck, not the hat itself.

Before you finish this article, I challenge to repeat 10 times each of these lines:
* I love number 666 (six hundred and sixty six) and it brings me luck!
* I love number 13 (thirteen) and it brings me luck!

There is never any physical object which will bring you good luck or bad luck. Everything boils down to how you feel about any particular object or situation, the inner feeling you choose to have and the reflection of that state on yourself. Words don’t make you ill and don’t heal you either. The meaning you put in them is what makes them effective!

What do you think?

Author: cristi

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