Here are a few ways you could help me with this project:

  • English is not my native language and even if I carefully read each article five times before I post it, they still need to be a bit more polished. I would really need some help with proof-reading them;
  • I'm trying to change the color for the article title in full mode. If you notice, each category has its own color, but when you read a full post, the title is always the same color. I would need some CSS or PHP magic to assign a color to post titles, according to their category. IE: Bitcoin page displays the excerpt titles in #F7931A but the same article in full display uses #595959;
  • any PHP magic that would block specific versions of browsers. Right now I'm using a plugin which blocks Internet Explorer with version less than 9.0, but it would be better if I use less plugins and more PHP lines;
  • I'm trying to link categories to pages ID, so when you press the small category link below the post title, it should take you to the main category page, not the category list;
  • feedback from various browsers and operation systems would help me out. I've tested this with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, along with Internet Explorer 9.0 - latest;
  • Wordrpess vulnerability testing, php.ini rules, improved .htaccess, securing the website as much as possible;
  • any kind of graphic suggestion or feedback would help a lot. Any dot, comma, line, picture, every detail counts and I'm grateful for any kind of feedback;
  • mirroring the website on the Tor network, so it can always be accessible in case this one would be shut down for any reasons. This is a proactive measure, since there is a lot censoring going on and Bitcoin is also taking flack from opposing governments;
  • links to new and important articles about cryptocurrencies, various article suggestions, corrections, questions, anything that would enrich the overall content quality;
  • SSL certificate, moving the website to a dedicated server and purchasing a monthly account on Sucuri or CloudFlare Pro: these require extra financial investments and I've postponed them for a while, but any kind of donation would help immensely;
  • translation in any other language would be great, I could make the whole website multilingual;
  • sharing the articles with other people - sharing is caring.
  • I welcome any ideas or projects on how we can make a better world.


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