letter to the universe

answer-from-the-universeDear Universe,
I have decided to write you this letter because I’ve finally remembered who you are and how I can contact you. I have asked myself for a very long time what is your mystery, how were you created, how big are you and who you really are.

I have repeatedly watched in astonishment your wonderful way of functioning. The last thing you would ever want is to be predictable and most of times when I have expectations, you manage to surprise me with completely unexpected situations. When I think about the past, the most magnificent moments of this physical illusion came right when I was not expecting, in a completely unpredictable way. And because your ongoing surprises have always amplified my inner states, I can only conclude that you are very skilled at what you do and also unquestionably original.

You are using what I used to call “coincidence” to hide your creational masterpiece. I congratulate you for being eternally active and for always offering me unconditional love. This love of your is so powerful, that if I choose to experience a negative state of being, you understand that I choose to focus on that harmful state of being and you support me in that choice, by giving me a continuous stream of events which will keep me in the same negative state.

If I change my mind and choose a positive state of being, of happiness, love, passion, as an eternal friend that you are you will again support me in that feeling, by numerous and fantastic unpredictable situations which amplify my inner state. Whatever happens, whatever I choose, you are always besides me and you support me in every decision I take, without giving me a lecture.

I can also say that your friendship has conditional and mutual properties. I choose how to feel and you reflect me back the amplification of that feeling, but you are clever enough not to get fooled by my childish attempt of putting conditions on you. Just like the saying goes: “it always rains when you are washing your car, but don’t try to wash your car to make it rain, because it’s not working.” In the same way you are completely unresponsive to my attempt to condition you and have expectations of things that “should” happen.

When I insist on a specific way things SHOULD happen, I am only short-circuiting your fantastic opportunity of finding much better and unexpected solutions. So the only way I can possible influence you, is to simply give up any idea of me being able to control you and only then we will waltz together with divine artistic steps.

But because we are part of the same family and you’re always helping me, I finally understood that if I keep working on myself as a being in a physical form in this dream which seems tangible, then you will resonate with the experiences I choose to create here. Therefore, by controlling myself while having no expectations from you, we can begin our relationship dance on a creational rhythm. You are very skilled and communicate with me through passion, creativity and ideas, which I don’t always put in practice, but it seems you’re infinitely patience and keep communicating with me every time I choose to listen. I know you smile back when I smile first, I know you cry with me when I feel lost, I know you are the mirror of my soul and I need to first get the initiative and then you will always answer back.

I also know you are an element created by us, on a consciousness level. When we will stop analyzing you with classical telescopes and start using the quantum technology, we will see the indisputable connection between you and our creational consciousness. You are our child and we are your children and I thank you for every individual I interact with, brothers, and sisters, because each and everyone of them has a direct impact on my life. I hope you know you are not the only Universe in the creation. Just like you have been created, others like you already exist, but on different levels of consciousness, according to their creators.

I am an expression of the energy which portraits you and I love you at least unconditionally and I know you have no political or religious affiliations or any other indoctrination ideology. I know for a fact that you are not an old guy with a beard who will send me to hell if I don’t obey some commandments created by men. You are my Universe and I relish the fantastic experience we are co-creating. What is the reason you gave me the suggestion of writing this letter before going to bed? I can’t know that for sure, you know better why, but I know for a fact that you’re not doing anything without a reason and everything you do is constructive, and that’s why I trust the creative purpose of writing this letter and I put no conditions or expectations on it. Everything happens exactly when it needs to happen, not one moment earlier, but not one moment later. PS: I have no expectations from you, but I have a feeling that you will reply to this letter just when I least expect it! I salute you and I love more and more, until I reach the point where I realize I’ve always loved you.

With unconditional love,

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