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now-I-knowI think it would be a great idea to be born with the experience of our parents already imprinted in our genetic structure. Why should we spend time learning things our parents already spent years learning? I know I’m on a mini-vacation on planet Sol 3. A short picnic which I’ve decided to identify with. I know I chose when to come here, just as I’ve already chosen when to leave. This seemingly impermeable layer of forgetfulness is stubbornly trying to hypnotize me.

I know we choose the amount of suffering we experience here. The problems we face are created by us. Nobody is responsible for us, except us. I know that a day without expressing love is a wasted day and if we open up, there is no way we can’t love. I want to remember how it feels to love everything that surrounds us, without being distracted by the well-crafted script of the character I chose to play. I know wealth comes from the soul’s fulfillment, that money are an esoteric concept, unreal, created and used by us for self-imposed limitations. I know that everything is love and infinite energy, but our brain’s chemistry is limiting our high perceptions. I know love has its own logic, completely independent of mind rational.

I know meditation is a very powerful tool, I know you can wake up in your dreams and I choose to wake up in this dream called reality. I know the only negative thing about death is the meaning we give it. I know nobody will ever punish you for imaginary sins, I know there is no heaven or hell, there’s only home – pure energy and unconditional love. I know our history needs to be rewritten to reflect the real events that took place. I know we are not yet free, but will inevitably be, if we choose so. I know we are degradable vehicles, although some of us have chosen to stick around longer, by bending the collective set of rules of this limiting game. I know that children are our best teachers.

I know that joyful people can also reflect a deep level of suffering. I know I can be happy just the way I am, if I choose to be so. Happiness is a choice, not a consequence. I know that our body, though ingeniously designed, it’s also very sensitive and it reflects our inner state of being. I know that evolution and ascension are the product of inclusion of all that is, without excluding any element – positive or negative. It's not this OR that, it's this AND that.

I know I can choose to stop caring about people, objects, situations, events and this can be turned into a positive thing if I choose to see it that way. I know the things I own, own me. I know the way you see life, is the way life sees you. I know we can live a better life, without religion, without worries, slavery, discrimination, racism, war, money, hunger, suffering. I know that what we call miracles, is the way life actually works. It’s a miracle how we’ve managed to suppress that.

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I know we have technology that can heal the deadliest diseases, we have physical and psychological abilities way beyond what we think we have. I know attraction based exclusively on someone’s physique will lead to fulfillment and on the long term it’s an investment which will inevitably wear off. I know passion is always the best choice.

I know humans are a hybrid race, genetically influenced by some members of our stellar family. I know I love to write, talk, communicate. I know that my instincts and intuition are always right and if I would start paying more attention to them, I could easily avoid many negative-constructive situations. I know that a story well said can change everything. I know time does not exist, it’s just a reference to some planet’s rotation cycle. Time has no shape, weight, doesn’t pass by and doesn’t fly. The fact that we get older doesn’t mean time flies, it only shows we’re getting ready to leave. I know the only existing moment is now, projected into a succession of simultaneous and continuous events.

I know music has color. I know many people are unhappy with their relationships because they're afraid they could be more miserable without that relationship, so they choose guarantied misery instead of potential happiness. I know the best way to see if you’ve changed is to see if you react differently on the exact same type of events.

I know we’re all at the same place at once, always, the only place in existence. I know love never wears off completely, you can love many times, over and over again. I know some souls divide themselves in two apparently separated people, which are only reflections of the same one soul. I know there is no limit in suffering or happiness.

I know I don’t have to kill animals to get my proteins. I know we’re making long term promises to each other, written and signed, which we can’t really guarantee, despite our initial positive intent.

I know I can live a happier life if I don’t try to please everybody or anyone in particular, if I don’t try to change myself in order to receive love and affection. I know I can choose to be at peace with myself just the way I am. I know that if I would write everything I know, I may use up all the existing words.

Now I know I have a lot to learn and I love you unconditionally.

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  1. Hi, I love everything you wrotte here and you said it so well and beautiful. I’m sure I’ll read your books someday. Thank you!

    • Glad you like it, more to come 🙂



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