psychology of the pig-man

psychology of the "pig-man" - psihologia barbatului porcmain subject: many men are being judged for how they feel about women
reader’s category: women with a low libido, who keep judging men who have a strong sex drive
reading time: approx. 10 min

„All men are pigs!” screamed the young blond girl, who was just getting familiarized with the poisonous feeling of being cheated on. „I really loved you, I gave you my heart, I trusted you, I had faith in us, and you just can’t hold you dick in your pants. You had to sleep with that tramp. And you said you love me… and I believed you… asshole!”

The restless young man could only be silent and accept the situation. Any dialogue was out of the question at that moment. How could he explain his point of view? Who would give a damn on what he thought about at that point? He’s already been labeled as the bad guy who made her suffer and now he deserves to be punished for all eternity.

It is so easy to label everyone… Tell me please, dear ladies, what can you do when your body is sexually hyperactive? What can you do when you have a weakness for the opposite sex? What can you do when you want to have more than just one partner? This is what most women do: they scream, they shout, the judge, they gossip with their friends and later, as payback, they sleep with some other man, because they were cheated on, therefore they are allowed to do the same too.

How many women thought about how it actually feels to be a man? When you choose to ne with a man who has an obvious weakness for women, that makes you a hypocrite. And you know why? Because you choose plums when you want apples. You want that man to change himself for you. Have you ever had an addiction? Or a passion? How would you feel if you were my girlfriend and I asked you to give them up? I’ve asked that in the past and it was disastrous.

There is also a documentary called „what the bleep do we know” which shows it is scientifically proven that the huge sexual weakness some people have is not just a mental state, but also a physical one.

Yes, there’s also the case where you gave him everything and he still slept with another woman. So what? What are you going to do about it? Will you throw mud on all men for that? Will you stick with him even so or will you go on with your life? They keep on talking about the original sin, but why is it a sin when two people are having a wonderful time together?

And there’s also this question: how much do you give in a relationship? Let me guess, you offer everything: love, attention, feelings, you are always there for him, you help him out and you would do anything for him. Let me tell you a fact: usually the ones who cheat are not getting what they want at home. In other words, I know very few men who prefer to chase women who are not that sexually active.

I want to buy a huge billboard, a really big one that goes up in the sky and has this written on it: MEN WANT SEX! You can try to understand or accept the idea, you can reject it and you can blame me for saying this, but you can’t change the world and definitely you cannot change men. You can blame them all, because it’s so easy to do so, but maybe you just don’t know what it feels to be them. Why do some people drink? Why do smokers smoke? Why do men want sex continuously?

Love is not enough, it has never been enough and it never will be. What can be done about this? I can tell you if you want, because I am a man and I’m very familiar with this wonderful breed: look for love without ignoring the sexual aspect. The fact that a man wants you in his bed is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you want that too. You want eunuchs? You want the prince who does nothing but hold your hand and kiss you on the cheek?

Every time you will blame a man again, first blame yourself because for not giving him everything, then blame yourself for refusing to break up with him when it was obvious that he wants to cheat on you, then blame yourself for wanting him to be someone that he is actually not. You can have sex with your partner and you can both have a great time without having to complain and suffer because there was no marriage involved. Not everybody wishes for a lifetime relationship and 18 children as soon as possible. What can you do then? Blame them all?

I find it hilarious how many women chose to live in a lie and condemn all men who think or act differently. The saying „all men are pigs” is as lame as „all women are whores”. False hypothesis generated by narrow minds. Why don’t we just fight with nature to get some answers, like: “why do we experience sexual attraction”, “why are we attracted to each other?”, “why do we think about sex?” Let’s cry over the spilled milk or, even better, let’s tag all men. Yes, men are pigs because they are sexually attracted to beautiful women – makes perfect sense!

Personal conclusion: Physical attraction will always be around. I find it wonderful and intimate to make love with someone whom you feel attracted to. Can you condemn a man for being attracted to you? Still, I do not promote cheating on your partner! I want people to understand me when I say that most men have a huge sexual appetite and they should not be judged for what they feel, but maybe for how they sometimes behave towards other women. What do you think?

Author: cristi

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