recipe for a perfect sleep

recipe-for-the-perfect-sleepAs if the daily challenges of a boring life would not be enough, we can also hear about the ongoing problem caused by insomnia. There are of course many treatments for that, medical devices, medicine and therapy to remove any sleep-related problems.

Ironically, we overlook the idea of having different layers of the idea of sleeping. On the first layer, it’s about the night sleep, often too tense and problematic, with the burden of worrying about life’s shortcomings, relationships problems, health and family, taxes, mortgage, work, etc.

Assuming those problems have been overcome and are not affecting the sleep anymore, we then face a few easy questions: what does it really mean to be asleep? And also, when can we say that a human is awake? How useful is it really to be “asleep”?

There are some who would rather not use any mind altering natural plants, because they like to keep their mind clear. However, do we really invest that time while being “awake” and “lucid”? We go to the same job, pay the same taxes, we experience the same kind of problems and then we go back to bed at the end of the day and we enter the rejuvenation state of layer 1 sleep. That’s when a consensus between the chaotic mind and the body takes place. Or so it should.

The second layer of the concept of sleeping is awaking while dreaming, that state where you act like a sleepwalker. You wake up from the night sleep and walk around aimlessly in your house. You open your TV, watch various shows of “news” or “entertainment”. You may even call other who are also awaken from their sleep state and chat, have a coffee together.

It may sound unbelievable, but in this state of being barely awake you can also go to work, read the newspapers about corrupt politicians, you can watch news about the never-ending wars about imaginary terrorists, you can go to the doctor for getting vaccines about imaginary flues.

Also in the sleep succeeding sleep, we can read magazines about people with white and straight teeth, with a lot of make ups and their faces Photoshopped, whose life is supposed to interest us.

Another daily occupation in the sleep succeeding sleep is chatting online. There are many sleepwalker communities, there are a lot of new friendships taking place between people whose photos look completely different than in reality. Pictures where they feed on appreciations, where they want to show the world they are really awake, independents and have a great body.

They are also going to the clubs as often as possible, so they could then say they’re living life at the fullest, they watch pointless movies, discuss about politics, elections, political-religious solutions which should somehow save the planet from a financial disaster engineered by design. Forget about reading books, meditating and seeking for inner peace.

But the most time spent is obviously in the daily routine of the loving work place. Time is there the biggest enemy and also a very good aviator, because it flies extremely fast. There is always something more to do, another request, one more errand, one more client and a few unexpected invoices which need to be processed, a few more urgent phone calls.

By the end of the day, after the doing some overtime, you only have energy to do some groceries and surf the net, or just watch the news, where there is always the same intellectual prostitution, absurd theater, which keeps you hypnotized in a continuous state of tension, fear and indoctrination. And then, tired after a full day of sleeping, you go back to bed and start the recuperative sleep, which precedes a new round tomorrow.

Fortunately, we don’t need all the people in the world to actually make a big change. Those few who really wake up, shine a bright light on the sleeping masses who pull the blanket over their head and demand standardization of mediocrity, so their sleep would not be disturbed anymore. There is also a third layer of sleep, called the “eternity sleep” and that’s where we’re all heading inevitably. I know that being young feels like death is a far away in the future, but by submitting to level 1 and 2 sleep, we get to this third one very fast and then we start asking questions like “where did the time fly? What have I really done with my life? Could I have done maybe more?”

It can also be said that level 3 sleep is actually the true awakening, but why should we wait until then, when we can create the world we want here and now? Only self-sabotage born from indoctrination can prevent you from realizing how much you can actually influence this physical reality, especially because you are already doing it anyway through your daily activities, except that you sometimes have the tendency of shaping only its negative side. We can surely say the physical existence is in itself a dream, where the idea of reality is just a concept created by us, while also not remembering who the non-physical part really looks like. But in the same time we see some courageous people who have chosen to live according to their passion, courage and honesty towards themselves.

They are also living in this dream, only theirs is a lucid dream and I guess it’s safe to say that, by living passionately, no matter what that means on an individual level, life becomes not only about lucid dreaming, but also about lucid living.

So, my dear dreamer, it seems the recipe for the perfect sleep is to keep doing what the majority is doing, being a little drone robot trapped in a system based on slavery, while shaping your entire existence just to have the privilege of affording a mortgage and monthly payments for many things that you don’t actually need.

The perfect sleep is when you sleep all the time, while being focused on everything that distracts you from finding yourself, from contemplating, taking constructive action and diving in the passionate abyss of a perfect inner energy.

My friend, the level 2 sleep is closely related to the so-called rationalization, stemmed from the old way of thinking, which usually leads to self-sabotage. If you are afraid to embrace the storm, to kiss the rain and accept pain and ridicule, to love life unconditionally, then I guarantee your snoring is being heard from galaxies away.

I’ve seen where this hypnotic dream leads to, the destination is so obvious that I almost feel like hugging you and whisper: “next time we will play different roles, but we will then be lucid actors, in a leading role.” It’s never too late to wake up and follow your passions. It’s only the fear of and living differently from the routine imposed by the lack of thinking.

Sleep well.

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