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for you - pentru tinemain subject: the true story of a special fairy tale hero
reader’s category: anybody who forget about the basic attributes which define him as a human
reading time: approx. 5min 

I’ve prepared something interesting here. It’s specifically for you and I will not ask about your bank account details, or if you want to buy a massage machine in 2 steps, with remote with batteries. Is something about you, something I’m not sure you know. It’s… everything about you!

You are a unique person; in all human history there has never been and will never be another person like you. Yes, some people look like you physically , but this has nothing to do with the uniqueness that represents you.

No one has the same talents like you have, no one knows to do things like you do, no one has exactly the same feelings like you or the same way of thinking, absolutely no one.

You are a unique person from all points of view and you are absolutely perfect now, right in this moment while reading these lines in a hurry. There is a huge force inside of you which helps you accomplish absolutely anything you want, but only if you’re using commitment and courage – which you have plenty of.

At the circus, the elephants babies are trained to spin in circles in the ring, and they can’t escape because there is a rope tied to their legs. Being still babies, they can’t brake the rope and they get used to the idea. Then they get older and will have a lot more power than they had initially.

But they have the very same rope on their feet and every time they want to deviate the normal course, the rope makes its presence felt. They still believe it can’t be broken, so they obey the limit imposed by the rope. Although you are not an elephant, there is still an invisible rope which prevents you from creating the life you dreamed of and to deviate from that vicious circle where you are supposedly safe.

That rope is just in our minds because of the ambiguous way of coexisting in society and of the mental barriers aggressively imposed. You can break that rope with very little effort. NOTHING can stop you from following your dreams. The biggest obstacle is fear, which exists only on a psychological level, it’s not real.

The only scary thing about fear, is fear itself. Once confronted, it disappears and reveals everything we would have missed by submitting to it. Once you accept 100% responsibility for everything in your life, only then you’ll realize that you have control of yourself, nobody can convince you do anything or think in a particular way, unless you approve that first.

You are a great human being, even if most of the times you have doubts about yourself, caused mainly by false ideas imposed by society. There is nothing you wish for that you can’t realize, but you lose time waiting for a miracle, for someone, a hero who should save you and create life of your dreams.

You probably expect me to say that hero does not exist. Maybe expect me to crush your only hopes which still keep you going. Well, that hero… actually exist! He’s always close to you, he’s everything you ever wished for, he’s eternally powerful and invincible. He is the one who can show you the magnificent part of life that will mesmerize you, and he will grant you any which, without questions.

He gives you eternal and unconditional love and can also help you find your perfect partner. He will gladly sacrifice his own life for you, because you are the most important person for him. He is your closest and full time bodyguard, who knows no fear or failure. He will obliterate anything that can prevent your from reaching your dreams and will always light your way. Unfortunately, he is still stuck in invisible chains that keep him immobilized. Who is this wonderful of yours ? It’s…. you!

Author: cristi

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