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thanks for not happening - oda celor neintamplatemain subject: gratitude for all situations which I never experienced
reader’s category: those who don’t realize how many obstacles we avoid on a daily basis
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I vividly remember when I was playing cops and thieves as a child. There were many places where I used to play that game, but one in particular was on a construction site, where there were 4 tall apartment building under construction. On that day and age there were no guards on that site and constructions have been halted for several years, for lacking the necessary funds.

The buildings were 10 stories high, but being still under construction meant they provided some gaps between the buildings, which was about 2-3m wide. We were so caught up with the game, that we chased each other (in large numbers) on every of those 10 stores, all corners and most importantly, we would continuously jump over the 3m gap which separated every building by length. When doing that, we felt like Death just winked at us.

When you jump from one building to another and especially that high, as a child you feel a cold menthol-like shiver, which instantly infuses your body with adrenaline. I never really cared about what might happen to me, I was to sure of myself. Nobody has ever fallen down there. And years have past, during which time I almost downed several times, I had a bike accident where I ended up beneath a car that stopped just in time, I fell from high up faced down on a big rock and literally smashed my whole face and could barely breathe because of all that blood, I jump from two stores up and broke my heel and also lost the bet I had that jump.

I broke many windows and cut myself repeatedly, I’ve disconnected an entire apartment building after I hit its outside electrical panel with me feet, while thinking I am doing Karate, and that also triggered lots of sparkling fireworks. I did full 360 degree circles in the swing, I jump out from them, I slid on the slopes which led right into the street, I grabbed to moving cars, while sliding on the snow with me feet, I grabbed on moving trucks with one hand, while riding my bike (one hand on the back of the truck and the other one on the handlebar).

I rode my bike without hands on very steep roads, at high speed. I ran in the snow in my shorts, I got kicked in the head with the foot while playing football and I say a very vivid orange color, while also lying on the ground for a few seconds. I made many experiments with fire and electrical wall plugs, thus getting burned and electrocuted countless times.I threw stones at the moving cars from the top of the hill, I gave involved continuously in school beatings with other colleagues.

I set on fire bottles full of medical alcohol just to see what happens, I put cold water on running light bulbs (the big old type), I accidentally burns a big area of a hill, I used to light matches and insert them in my mouth, I had countless physical injuries, I goofed up on the outside steps of a moving train, I swam in a river while being dead-drunk and almost got pulled under by the water currents, I had pneumonia, heatstroke and maaaany maaany other things. Those were the days.

Now why did I tell you all these things? Because I have been a hypocrite for a long time now and I still have some residue of this noble feeling. I had and still have many moments when I’m unhappy, when I want to have more because I don’t have enough yet, when I want a lot of money and fast, harem, when I want to look like other so-called stars, to have a different face, to be worshiped and have a statue of me made from gold and diamonds. Sometimes I feel like nothing pleases me anymore and I’m only focused on lack, negativity and resentment. But something changed in the meantime. I had an epiphany. No, I did not see any God, but I finally realized how lucky I am, how many riches I really have but choose to nonchalantly ignore. And most of all, how happy I really am for many thing that never happened, as follows:

Thank you for not dying so far, in spite of countless opportunities.
Thank you for looking the way I do, having these personal characteristics.
Thank you for never having some relationships which I really wanted but were not really good for me.
Thank you for never experiencing a major tragedy in life (so far).
Thank you for not experiencing the full length of the Romanian communist regime.
Thank you for not remembering other lives I’ve had, especially those where I might have suffered a lot.
Thank you for the car which stopped in front of the crosswalk, instead of running me over.
Thank you for the electricity which did not damage my body.
Thank you for not having worked in very unpleasant places.
Thank you for not having thieves break into my house today.
Thank you for the fire that never started on my house.
Thank you for not having any indoor flooding.
Thank you for not losing my internet connection when I needed it the most.
Thank you for not having any car accidents, in spite of having several opportunities.
Thank you for not being challenged to physical fights anymore.
Thank you for not having anything bad happen to me while being outside today.
Thank you for not being stuck in a bad relationship.
Thank you for not sleeping on the streets.
Thank you for not being constrained to take shit from anybody.
Thank you for not living in a country where religious fanaticism kills innocent people.
Thank you for not being a criminal.
Thank you for not having my car windows smashed.
Thank you for not having my laptop broke down on me, while writing this article.
Thank you for not feeling bad at all when I am alone.
Thank you for not choosing to miss life experiences in other countries.
Thank you for not having to wait in line when I went to the cinema and found only 3 more available seats.
Thank you for not having my train derailed while going to Bucharest and back.
Thank you for not being stuck in the same place, doing the same things.
Thank you for not having a big infection on any of the scratches I had.
Thank you for not having to put up with a lot of pain while getting tattooed.
Thank you for choosing to not be dependent of other people’s opinions.
Thank you for not realizing just how many bad things can happen to me everyday.
Thank you for not experiencing many bad things which can occur any moment.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wishes I never got, which on the long term may have caused me griefs. Thank you, dear Universe for all the things that are not happening to me; I know it’s for my own good!

So, can you also find gratitude for things which never happened to you?

Author: cristi

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