the end of your life

the-end-of-your-lifeI’d like to ask you to play a simple an completely unoriginal game. I want you to make yourself comfortable, turn you off your phone and TV. Of course, it is obvious that your instant messenger should have nothing to do with this game. Feeling comfortable? Grab my hand and let’s start. The game is a short trip to your future.

I will be close to you every step of the way, but I will only see shadows and energy that I will treat subjectively, but you will get a clear picture because this is all about your projection on the long term. Even though the idea of traveling in the future has been widely debated, it is essential you understand there is no such thing as predicting the future, just a temporary interpretation based on the present energy flow and where it’s heading towards, but this can always be changed. Let us begin.

How old are you? Say it out loud, so you can hear and understand where you’re standing: „I am … years old!” Now let’s move towards the end of this year, a few months later. Tell me what do you see? Where are you? What are you doing? How’s work going, how are the exams going, how’s everything else? I don’t see much of a change. Now I will press an imaginary button that will take us four years from now. Hold on tight! Now, tell yourself what you see. Talk about your workplace a little bit and about your relationships. The shadows I can distinguish show me there is not much of a change now either, but I might get the wrong picture. Four years is not that far away, let’s take the leap again.

We are now 20 years later! Depending on your age, you might not be alive anymore, but let’s assume you are. Considering what you know about yourself and about your behavior, tell me what you see. I see an old human being, not very healthy, having to pay credits and being overwhelmed by regrets. Please note this is not a contest and this does not mean that what I see is worse or better: it is all about you here, you are the main character.

Given your way of living, what is the most logical prediction you’d make for your future, 20 years from now? What do you see? I can help you out by reminding you that if you don’t look after your health, it won’t look after you either. If you don’t aim high, you will steer downwards. Anything in between is just fantasy. You either progress or regress. If you „keep in line” others will evolve faster than you and this is also called regress. I am not giving you enough time to make yourself comfortable with this option of yours because we still have to take one short step ahead. We jump again and see you from above, your energy and your wishes can be felt. I see you upset, happy, passionate and full of desires. You want to do so many things, but you also feel time has already passed. The inside scars of what you did to yourself are burning your trapped soul.

Here we are! We are at the border between your body and your spirit. This is the day when you will take the step and you will go back Home. This is the end of your life. You had a full life during which you did your best to prove your honesty, during which you worked, you built a family, made friendships, you had faith. Part of your family is still close and you keep telling yourself that you have no regrets but your soul feels differently. Your spiritual side has chosen this physical form to live here, to experiment, to learn, to love and to overcome any self-imposed mind limit.

Because you have the freedom of choice, you chose to ignore what you felt you’d like to do and you have led a rigid, limited and tormented life. You have admired the ones who did follow their dreams and you said that God simply gives others more, and they are lucky, and you would probably deserve more than you already have, just because you are a kind person who pays his taxes in time.

You know you could have done much more with your life but you were afraid to take any chances, to take a step on that invisible bridge that would have taken you on the other side of any pit. Now you are old and full of regrets. You want do so much… but you can’t. And you never could, and you keep lying to yourself with that idea. It is so complicated to be old, I would give anything to be young again, I would change so many things, I would do so much more, I would see all the places I want to, I would run around in the summer rain without giving a damn that my soul mate is yelling at me that I might catch a cold or Ebola just by standing in the rain.

I would have the guts to seek a better job and when I do find it I will look for an even better one and I’ll keep doing it until I manage to gain balance with my own passions. And then I’ll know that this means living, not just existing. And I will permanently try to reach perfection, to become more and more qualified, to evolve.

This is a gray, yet logical image that I have managed to foresee. Do you think it is worth waiting until the end is near to understand what you really want to do with your life? As you already know, predictions can be interpreted and your energy flow can be changed AT ANY MOMENT, thus your future can always be different. This is probably one of the biggest advantages you have, you always can chose your direction. Not everything is relative and luck-related. It is never too late to learn how to live, but the more you postpone that, the less time you will have to enjoy the results. Don’t imagine that turning old is in a distant feature and only at that age you will have regrets. Regrets sum up daily and hang heavier and heavier on your soul and health.

If you are caught on a job that consumes your every drop of energy, you have to be insane to believe that your life will get better just like that, with no action coming from you. If you stay in a sickening relationship, where do you thing it will lead you? If you don’t care about your health and your body, where do you think that telling yourself the opposite will lead you? Take a good look ahead and see where you could end up. Focus on your regrets and try to eliminate them.

Chose to grow old while having as few regrets as possible. You will come back with another body, but what is the point in wasting what you already own? How would your life look like if you had just one day left? You can open your eyes now, you just gained the benefits of your own thinking, you have traveled in time and came back with the idea of making your life better. There is no such thing as the perfect moment you keep on waiting for: that moment is constant, it is your life which is made of neutral moments which you can consider as being perfect or not. Your future is not written before you actually live it. You control what you do just as running chaotic circles is still your choice.

What’s the worse that could happen if you start running towards the way of living you would like to have?

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  1. Are you nervous at the thought of being yourself? Many people worry needlessly over what others will think and say about them. They live according to what others expect, just so they don’t lose face or go down in their estimations. Unfortunately, this also stops us from doing what we want for ourselves. Start making decisions based on what the ‘real you’ needs, not the persona you’ve created for everyone else’s eyes. You’ll have fewer regrets if you’re true to yourself in every part of your life.



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