the heart’s compass

the-heart-scompass[...] - OK, I think we are ready now for this earthly physical form experience. We have our main theme, and the free will to choose how to go about it.

- But… wait! What if I’ll get caught up in that physical mirage and will lose contact with you? How can I stay on the right track, if I can’t hear you? Did you see what’s happening on that blue planet? Sure, from our perspective it makes perfect sense how it all works and why there are so many of us on that planet, choosing those challenging experiences. But when I’ll get there, you know I’ll lose most of my heart’s memory, I’ll get the experience of not remembering myself.

- This is indeed a master class we’re taking, we are graduating to a whole new level of existence, but fear not, we have a fail safe mechanism. When you get on that shiny blue planet, you will most likely lose yourself within the actor you’ve chosen to be, but whenever you’ll wonder why you are so amnesic and what’s your purpose there, the best thing to do is to always, continuously and unquestionably follow you highest, without any expectation of what the outcome HAS to be. Don’t condition the outcome through self imposed limitations and demands, but instead leave all doors opened. Just follow your highest excitement, what ever that is at every given moment, no matter if it’s something big or the smallest thing like going out for a walk in the park. The’re all related, stepping stones to your soul’s singularity. Pain is only the resistance to your true natural self, and yes, you will experience plenty of that, as long as you choose to deviate from your passion.

- That seems complicated enough, yet ridiculously simple.

- It seems simple, because it is so. But it gets complicated down there. The veil will be very thick, but there will be many instances of bleed-through, depending on how connected you choose to be. But no matter what happens and no matter how much your brain will be bombarded with false and negative programming, you must always choose to do whatever you feel it’s your highest excitement. This is your ticket to riding the collective edge of your global consciousness, but you must believe in it, allow it to support you. Doubt is not your friend in that state of being.

We will guide you all the way. You are part of me, I can’t possibly abandon you, but this is no ordinary game we’re playing. You will have many experiences of feeling lost, alone, you WILL suffer, it’s part of the game’s theme, you will have doubts, but you can always trust your passion, it will never lie to you, because I’ll be speaking with you through passion, it will be the physical translation of our love for you.

Your aim is to go on this marvelous and extraordinary challenging adventure, but the catch is to never really become the actor, you unfold your story as you go along. Keep your heart’s compass always active by following your joy, your bliss, your highest excitement, without any kind of expectations of how it must come to fruition and why you should do any particular thing you feel passionate about doing. You must trust your passion, because you trust all that is, and all that is will never guide you anywhere where it is bad for you.

- OK, always follow my passion, got it. Can I choose to keep this memory when I get there?

- You will keep the memory and will act on it while being a child, but it will be demoted from your awareness by the belief system of some other game players. This is part of the main theme, you will be challenged to forget, by your parents, by your society, by television, your friends and many others. You will not be trained to think and act creatively, you will be programmed what to think. It is up to you to resist this test and always follow the lighthouse in the awareness of self-darkness, which will always get you back to the unconditional love of the infinite energy which permeates all.

- All right, I think I am ready, let the game begin!

- Unconditional love for you, my eternal brother!

[...] The least lovable sound pulls me back in. It’s my alarm clock. I open my eyes with a great sadness of confronting another challenging day. Her beautiful long hair is playfully covering my upper body. She’s barely awake, expressing similar loveless feelings about the unfolding of the current day.

- I had this crazy dream, honey, you wouldn’t believe what it was!

- Was it that the alarm clock never went on and we didn’t have to go to work?

- Better yet, it was something about… oh I’m losing it… something about a big family I had and they were telling me to do… to do… something… something… Oh, I hate how easily some dreams fade away! But I do remember one word that kept popping up in my dream.

- What was it?

- Passion! Something… something… passion!

- Well, until you remember the whole dream, I’ll make some coffee. Dreams are nice, but we need to get back to reality, honey, and focus on more important things. We shouldn't give too much thought to that wishful-thinking-passion-stuff, we need to focus on what’s real, and right now our main goal is to work as hard as we can to qualify for that 25 years bank loan to buy our shoe-box apartment.

- Yes, you’re right, we need to focus on that. But you have to admit that things could be so much better if we would be doing what we really love to do, instead of doing what we’re being told we should do. I got a weird feeling there’s more in life than racing for money.
- Wishful thinking my dear, it’s time to wake up or you’ll be late to work.

Something… something… passion. Follow your passion, no expectations, something…. Could this be the guide to myself? Nah, it can’t be that simple!

[...] So, class, how was your weekend? Yes, Seth, go ahead.

- Last night I had this awesome dream which seemed so real, I was somewhere up in the sky, with many friends, and I decided to come down to Earth to play for a while, but I had to remember a riddle, to always follow my passion here, no matter what. Then I woke up in another dream where I was a grownup man, married, and I was getting ready to go to work in the morning so I could raise enough credits to afford a bank loan and buy an apartment.

- Wow, Seth, that’s quite an extraordinary dream you had, for a third grader that you are! Of course you do know it was just a dream, it wasn't real. Passion only works for talented and lucky people, with extraordinary gifts from 'god'. You know the best thing you can do in life is to always do what your parents tell you, believe in the church, obey the rules, never question authority and always do your homework so you can get good grades in school and eventually get a good job so one day you can get a life-long loan to buy your own apartment, so then you can get married and have children and inspire them to do the same things over again, so you can fit in with normality and have social acceptance. Isn't that something worth living for?

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