the purpose of life

the-purpose-of-lifeI kept hearing this question over the years and I've noticed too many people interested to in finding out more about this great mystery: what is the purpose of life?

I have to admit this also intrigued me for quite a long time. After devouring many theories about this subject, I've mixed them with my own personal opinions and the result was a very obvious mathematical equation.

Do you think your purpose on Earth is to work 8 hours a day, pay taxes and get a very short annual Holiday? Or you can say your purpose is to buy an apartment, have children and then you are at peace because you've done your job. And what is their purpose on Earth? To buy a house and have children? And what is their children purpose? To buy another house and have children of their own? So our purpose is to procreate? And what is the purpose of procreating?

Without having a clear purpose, we hide behind the idea of having a family to take care of and carry on the tradition and our moral values. We have to do everything „right”, because this is how life is. But what is the purpose of all that?

What does the classical theory say? Everything was created from an explosion and that led to a dead Universe, except for our planet which is well and good, perfectly designed, and an old man that is in the sky sent us here with a particular purpose. To do what? Yes, there is a purpose for our Planet - to prosper. There are (unnecessary) human sacrifices being made to help with that. But that’s still not life’s purpose.

Long time ago I've heard a great theory about life’s purpose: “God sent us here on Earth to have temptations and if we refrain ourselves, we will earn a place in Heaven, if not, we will burn in Hell forever.” It was then when I realized the childish ideas of some religious arguments and I immediately got rid of this kind of teachings.

Imagine a lot of children playing in a special playground, with slides, swings and many toys. What is their purpose in that game? We are those children, and the playground is Planet Earth. Absolutely nothing that you do here represents a life purpose; it’s just an experience that you chose to have here on Earth before returning to non-physical form, where you can’t experiment everything from your physical existence. Do you think it makes any difference what school you attend to? The income you have? The house you are buying? The children you have? Stop for a moment and think, using your common sense, not just the automatic social indoctrination which perpetuates a robotic existence.

We are born, we live, we die and we might reincarnate, live again, die again. And what’s the purpose? The purpose is simple and clear: life is a simple game. That’s all. After we die, the curtain will be pulled down on us – the actors, we will then stand up, hug each other and will choose to experience some other aspects of life on Earth, or even on another planets.

Do you think god sent you here with a special purpose? What if I told you that even if god exists, you are a part of Him and YOU decided to arrive on Earth and you chose your body? You’ve created a blueprint of your future experience on Earth, but you are free to change it at any time.

How do I see the purpose of life on Earth?
I see everything like an experience we choose from spiritual form, in order to experience the physical aspect of life. I see everything like an angel’s game, our game. The purpose of life on Earth is to experience love, affection, suffering, to create human experiences that require a physical form. The purpose is to live with passion, to follow your dreams, to trust yourself, to ignore the billion people who will always discourage you because they don’t want you to succeed in something they’re afraid to even try. Life’s purpose is to be in a child-like state, playful and a little crazy, to enjoy every second here and create fascinating experiences, to express genuine love and compassion, to always maintain that energy level which makes us feel alive. Then, when Mother will call us home, we will choose to come back in another physical experience.

What can we do?
Live, love, endure, maintain a child-like state, experiment, do not be discouraged and embrace the miracle of life even when you are not in balance. Don’t surrender to society’s robotic way of thinking and be independent of other people’s opinions or approval. Choose one or more dreams and start a journey to fulfill them. The outcome doesn’t matter as much as the actual journey to getting there. The journey is the destination.

Trust yourself, because you are part of the same divine essence that permeates us all. Don’t refrain your pleasures because in the end nobody will punish you for giving in to them. You are not just this physical body, but much more than that. You chose to come here, but if you abandon your dreams and let yourself be discouraged, you won’t have a great experience in this fascinating playground. What do you think? What is the purpose of life on Earth?

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