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today is your special day - astăzi este ziua tamain subject: this is the best day of your life. Let’s celebrate together!
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You’ve got a lot of things to take care of at work, which you’ve postponed due to the increased number of tasks given by your boss who thinks you’re superman. Endless courses and unnecessary exams have slowly taken away a big chunk of your life. Financial problems are already part of your soul, sabotaging any constructive initiative for having a healthy mindset.

And yet, while being caught up in the flow of time and premature aging, you forgot about something. You forgot that today is a special day! It’s the day when you don’t necessarily celebrate your name or birthday, but something else much more important. It’s the celebration of life and your existence. Today is the day when you insist in continuously having a good mood, despite all those reasons to feel exactly the opposite.

Today is the day when your angelic family is celebrating with you a new physical experience, on an apparently lonely and isolated planet. Today you’ve decided to have a smiling marathon, enlightening your face and welcoming all the people you interact with. You know this implies a strong will and many compromises, but still you’ve decided that today you’ll continuously keep alive the fire for loving all humans and life itself

You have no expectations, you just know how good it feels inside when you radiate love and well-being, so you’ve got nothing to lose anyway.

Today you decide to take action on your passions and your daring dreams. You’re not at all affected by all those discouraging statements which try to academically point out that you’re just a dreamer and an idealist. Passion is the renewable fuel which keeps you on the right track in this momentary terrestrial journey and you chose to let it all flow, at least for today.

Today you chose to get one step closer to your true passion, disregarding the segregating routine of the old way of thinking which, lures you into a hypnotizing dance, where your body can barely keep up. You’ve clearly promised yourself that you’ll be less stressed today, knowing the destructive consequences of being in that negative state.

Today you’ve finally admitted that you’re eventually going to die and that state of being doesn’t really care about your debit card overdraft that you’ve already spent, which will probably take you a century to pay back.

You’ve finally understood that you’re not going to keep any of these material objects that give you the feeling of temporary comfort. Sadly, you realize that nobody will remember you after you die, if everything you do in this life is just to exist.

You recognize joyfully that anything you postpone and don’t live at the right moment, will remain only a shadow in the vortex which distorts time’s essence and then you’ll desperately try to quickly relive the past. You know that delaying is the seed of quitting.

Today is the day when you will take a few minutes break and listen the sound of the leaves from the trees which celebrate your presence, you’ll breath the air they specially purified for you. You’ll listen to the whispering of the wet grass and you’ll close your eyes while breathing deeply the delicate scent of the flowers, offered to you with unconditional love. You can be grateful for having around you the entire divine family, dressed up in aging costumes.

Today you choose to care of your body, to lovingly accept your silhouette and all your bodily imperfections, and you promise yourself to eat healthier and exercise a bit today, and you’ll completely ignore the news about people dying and global economical crisis.

You’ve decided to learn something constructive today, on any domain you feel comfortable with. Today you’re determined to take care of your physical and mental health, being grateful for the experiences that test your willingness to not give up.

You’ve established that whatever will happen today, it’s what you attracted for your own good, even if some experiences might come disguised as unfavorable events. You can barely wait the next adventure, asking the universe to give you something special and challenging at the same time.

You know very well that the purpose of fear is to show you the way to personal growth, that place where if choose to go, you will see the fear dissolving and it will be new stepping stone towards inner peace.

Today you’ve chosen to embrace your family, colleagues, friends and you’ll offer unconditional love to everybody you’ll interact with.

You already know that each and one of us is wearing a sign that says: “please understand me”, which is only visible in the metaphysical realm. You will not go to sleep until you’ve done even the smallest thing which will get you one step closer to your true core natural self.

You’re looking forward to having new challenges, experiences and human interactions, because today nothing bad can happen to you, today is your special day!

But this day will soon be over and tomorrow you’ll be caught up again in the daily routine dance. You would really like to have another special day tomorrow, so you can dare to dream, to be joyful while facing the inner personal storm and to act again constructively towards your material and spiritual evolution.

You’d like to have the power to do all those things tomorrow and use every day a special kind of day.

You probably already know by now, but your special day can be every day, if you only choose this. Nobody can take this inner power of celebrating each day like your special day, and you can also make every day better than the previous one.

Today is your magnificent day! I wish you happy birthday, love, courage and passion! May life’s celebration be always in your soul!

Author: cristi

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