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wheretoI find myself at times on the same treadmill of life: I admire many things around me, I think how nice it would’ve been if only… I contemplate about what others do, I keep lying to myself that others are luckier than me and that’s why they are successful. Everybody is running around to get a job, to have an income, to get a million-years-long mortgage and then that’s the end of it.

Many people seem to be more edgy and in a continuous hurry… why are they running? To do what? More money? We seek lousy jobs with small paychecks to afford things we don’t really need. Then we get old and we die. Can we do better? Is there more to life than this? Or are we destined to be insignificant?

What about identifying what you like to do? How? It’s unbelievable simple. Take a piece of paper and a pen, lock your door, let it be silence and write down the answer to the eternal question that I am usually laughed at when I ask it: what would you do if money wouldn't be a problem anymore? I can tell what you wouldn't do: most probably, you wouldn't have the job you are doing now, nicely decorated with fabulous names like „assistant manager” instead of „secretary”.

In most cases, you've chosen your workplace in order to have an income that you would waste on expendable things. What if you would earn 1 billion dollars tomorrow? What would you do? Would you still go to the same workplace? If so, then you are among the few people who actually love their job and can also earn a good living out of it and I sincerely admire you for that. However, if you would change your job, then what would you really want to do?

Obviously you would spend a lot at first, you would travel, you would buy a house, a car, clothes, and so on. And then what? What would you do for the rest of your life? What are your passions? Write down absolutely everything you would like to do. Don’t skip anything. Write at least 21 things you like. The first 5 things will the easiest to write down, it will get a bit more difficult with the following five, you will barely get to 15 and the last 6 ones will be a torment, but that’s exactly when you need to keep trying, because that is the point when your brain will start working on generating new ideas.

What would you do if you knew anything is possible? What would you really want to do with the time you have left? Some of the answers will simply be dreams; others will be turned into reality. After you've written them down, analyze them carefully and see which of them could generate an income for you, if you’d focus your energy on them. Which of your passions could be turned into a job?

If you are afraid of dreaming, planning and taking action, then you are afraid of living. Life is neutral and just by having a kind soul will not save you unless you take constructive action. Many great people wouldn’t have made history if they would have not taken action upon their dreams, or if they would have complained about not having money to buy a cheap car.

Please stop using past events as a pretext for your present situation. You had a harsh childhood and problems in your family? If so, I am truly sorry for you. And now what? Are you going to hide and wait for the people around you to show compassion? Or will you choose to accept the fact that you hold the steering wheel of your life?

You know what stops you from climbing up? It’s your ego that wants to keep you in the comfort zone to make you feel safe, like a small toad in a pond that might dry up soon. Open your eyes, stop and smell the roses, admire the sky, admire life and promise yourself you will make the decision of facing yourself, of stepping out of the comfort zone, of ignoring the noise inside your brain, make the decision of crushing the patterns you have set on yourself.

I don’t care if you are 18 or 108. You can take action now and you can do anything you want to. That feeling of gratitude will overwhelm you, you will be happy about yourself. Look at the time passing by, look at yourself in the mirror, look at the old photos and see how time passes by. Stop being sad, be true to yourself, but take action, not tomorrow but right now, even if it is about small things! I wish we could leave behind more beautiful things, not just the torment of trying to survive. Our past was difficult, our parents’ past even worse, and we can learn from them so many things about the art of living. I am here now, at this point in time, this is my life, the only one I have, I might not reincarnate, I have only one shot an I want to make the best of it.

What’s next? You can use a simple process: go forward in time ten years and try to see what you could realize by then (if you would continue having the same lifestyle): sentimentally, financially, health-related, and all the others. If it is something great, congratulations, if not, congratulations again, because now you know where you’re heading towards and you can change that, because you’ve just traveled in the future.

And as a final suggestion, if all of the above won’t help you (assuming you have worked on them) here’s one last question that can help you in expose your true self: how would you like people to remember you? So, what do I choose to do with my life? Where am I going?I find myself at times on the same treadmill of life: I admire many things around me, I think how nice it would've been...

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