work indoctrination

work-indoctrination“- So, what have you done recently?”
“- Hmm, not too much… Work, then home…”
“- Damn, tomorrow the work week starts again!”
“- So why do you choose to go there?”
“- What do you mean?!”

Almost everywhere I go, people would usually have work-related conversations. Work, sleep, work, sleep. Where is life? What happened to it? Unfortunately, our jobs have the tendency to overcome their natural state of bearing little importance. I don’t see anything wrong in working and having a job, how else could we survive in a monetary based system? But we need to clarify a few things.

Why do you work at your current job? Because you have to? Because all of your friends already have a job? Because it’s time for you to have a job? What makes you wake up and go to your current job? The paycheck? What is your motivation for working here? How about the idea of having a job you would really love (unless you’re already doing it)? Yes, it may be difficult to do that and not so many people make it. So what if it’s difficult? If it was easy, then everybody would be special! But how many people really try to accomplish that?

When you put passion in your work, when you love your job, you’re not actually working, just living your dream, and all the work-related challenges have little or no impact. If what you love doing can’t be done in your current city, then move elsewhere. There is no immutable law which says that your perfect job must always close to your current location.

When you are at looking at the clock constantly while working, obviously you’re not doing the job you love, and all the time spent there will leave deep scars on your psychic and body! Often you can spend at the hospital the money you earned while going to that job which made you ill in the first place.

Signs of work indoctrination
If the work you do involves names of well-known brands, there is this tendency of merging your personality with the brand itself. Also, you can start using terms as: “we [the brand] are doing this and this.”

Please remember:

  • you are not the job you have, it’s ridiculous to measure your ego by feeding it with brand names and fluffy job description;

  • wearing a suit does not make you more important;

  • would be a good idea not to talk too much about your job, especially at social events;

  • just because you may have good results and the boss likes you, does not guarantee you anything;

  • there is no such thing as “job security”. There has never been something like that it’s unlikely will ever be. Any company or corporation, no matter how big or important, it is predisposed to firing people or even bankruptcy, and as an employee, you will always be dispensable and disposable;

  • if you choose to act like an important person just because of your job, you will only look ridicule. Any person with good social skills knows that honesty modesty is a very constructive thing to have.

  • ask yourself: “why am I working at this job?” If the answer is “because I do not want to starve to death, I want to survive, to afford a mortgage and a lot of things that I don’t really need”, then you might be surprised to know you can do all those things while having a different job.

  • work does not define a man, but a man can choose its work. Yes, I know, in 1947 things were pretty rough and there weren’t many choices. So what? Everything that I write here is for this current day and age, not past history.

  • there is a personal slavery which makes us get big loans to pay for things we don’t really need. We dig our own grave and then we say: “I have no choice, I need to keep working, I need a job, something, because I need money to pay all my bills, nothing I can do about that!” There is always a way! No matter where you are in life, whatever you do, regardless of your current situation, you can always choose.

Example of personal indoctrination:
When I worked for a soda company, I was fully indoctrinated. I’m not sure if that was because of my bosses or my own fault. I had that feeling of having job with responsibilities, I felt independent and I was working for a well-known brad and I was quite unhappy when seeing other people using the competitor’s brand of soda.

But why was I feeling that way? The product itself was full of hazardous chemicals, no natural ingredients, it was full of junk and did not even quench your thirst, would only damage your body and was also quite expensive. So I was like an ambassador for a chemical product, expensive and toxic, but I believed in it and felt very pleased when people would drink it. I was indoctrinated.

As expected, the sales director found it useful to make false promises about a generous bonus if we perform well during an inspection, but failed to deliver and saying he was only kidding about that bonus. Then he acted surprised when I started to pretend I was doing my job, making no real progress. Shortly afterwards I got rid of the indoctrination I had about that chemical soda drink, which I used to worship.

What are the advantages of doing something you really like?

  • you will excel in what you do, because of being passionate about it;

  • you stand a better chance of making money because you will continuously improve;

  • you will leave something constructive behind;

  • you will work mostly for you and for your soul;

  • you will love Mondays;

  • it will not feel like working, just having fun while doing what you love;

  • you will be energetic, excited and proficient in your activity;

  • you will attract other people with similar passions.

Misconceptions about choosing a job:

  • everybody has a job, therefore I need to get a job as well, anything;

  • I need money;

  • I have to do this job;

  • it’s a financial crisis (a crisis all right, but of ideas and actions);

  • I’m afraid of looking for something else, it’s difficult. What if it will be worse than here? What if I will be unemployed for too long?

  • I would like to have a better job, but it’s too difficult to accomplish that, it’s risky, only a few people make it;

  • I got used to this place, my co-workers are OK;

  • I can’t, I have no time, it can’t be done;

  • I’ll hang on a little longer to pay some bills and then I’ll see what’s next;

  • maybe I’ll look for something next year.

Life is too short for getting stuck in a job you hate. It doesn’t matter how things are or what others are doing! Find out what you really love doing and then find a job closer to that. If you feel like the current job is not really for you, feel like it’s damaging you and you can do much better, than you are probably right. You may deserve more, but will get nothing extra if you’re not going to so something about it.

What do you think?

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